The History of Diamond Coaches

Bryant Motors Pty Ltd is a family owned business, trading as Diamond Coaches and Diamond Valley Coaches.

Mr Henry Charles Bryant (Harry) started in 1930 a daily passenger car service from Maffra to Melbourne and return. He started with a 1930 Chevrolett - and had various other cars - before progressing into buses at Maffra - school run to Boysdale Area School.

In the early 1950's he applied for 3 school runs from outlying areas of Eltham to Eltham High School coming from Kinglake, Strathewen, Doreen. Having been granted the 3 school runs, in 1954 he started another service from Panton Hill to Eltham High School. He started with three 1950-51 Fords and one 1944 KS 5 International later went to Bedfords.

The company is now with the third generation of the Bryant family. We currently operate a fleet consisting mainly of Domino's Dennings-X Scanias.